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From employee to entrepreneur - Australia's changing work culture.

As with any national trauma, the collective psyche shifts. Trust, once placed in institutions, is redirected.

As we exit the instability caused by COVID-19, and we look to the future of our industry, there are a few key factors to reinforce the desirability of business expansion – and franchising as the vehicle for both a capital funding and HR strategy.

The global pandemic (COVID19) brought mental health crises born of isolation and insecurity. Yet conversely, the worldwide fear of contamination also awoke in many a deep resilience and self-reliance as never before.

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Franchising: Improving your business model

As an entrepreneur, the vast benefits of franchising your business are well known and undoubtedly influenced your decision to pivot to such a business model. So, you've franchised your business, and you have some franchisees on board. What is your next step? Over the past 50 years, franchising in Australia has experienced exponential growth, becoming one of the most significant economic sectors. Maybe it’s time to learn some lessons from some success stories.

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