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MBE successfully expands its global commerce capability.

The MBE Worldwide S.p.A shareholders have announced the exciting acquisition of a majority stake in World Options.

World Options is an international player in shipping, delivery, and logistics with more than 120 franchisees and agents across the UK, USA, Australia, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Incorporated approximately 20 years ago, World Options offers business customers shipping solutions through franchises. There are over 120 franchisees in the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, and Belgium, with over 10,000 customers. Rather than have retail locations, World Options' business is managed online through franchisees and agents. Stewart Butler, CEO and Founder of World Options comments,

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Revolution cements its status and expects to open a fifth indoor cycling studio.

Revolution is an indoor cycling studio expanding its blueprint and securing its reputation as one of Singapore’s largest and fastest-growing indoor cycling studios. The brand expects an upcoming spin studio to launch shortly.

With the imminent launch of the flourishing brand’s fifth spin cycle studio, Revolution has secured its place as the fastest-growing and largest homegrown indoor rhythmic cycling company in Singapore. Revolution aims to expand its blueprint and sets its goals on expanding throughout local and regional markets through franchising.

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Dive into why BabyBallers could be the right franchise for you.

One of the main questions parents constantly ask themselves is how can you help your child navigate this world?

BabyBallers take pride in knowing that children who attend their sessions gain a myriad of essential skills, whilst enjoying the fun of playing football. Social skills, movement skills and listening skills are just a few of the developments your child can achieve at BabyBallers. 

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