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Franchisee Testimonial- Talbot Auto Doors Franchising, One Year On

Talbot Doors is Australia’s trusted company for residential & commercial gates and automatic doors. With over 30 years in the business Talbot has built an outstanding reputation and loyal customers.

Talbot Doors has grown into Sydney’s most trusted door servicing partners. Today, the company works closely with many iconic Sydney buildings, earning a reputation for quality and reliability.

The business started franchising in 2017 and to date, there are business locations in Western Sydney, North West Sydney, Southern Sydney, Central Sydney (CBD), North Sydney and Northern Beaches.

Tek Temel runs the Western Sydney Franchise. Here’s what he has to say about his experience as a franchisee so far.

“I have been fortunate to find Talbot Auto Doors Franchising during my search to either start a new business or purchase an existing one.

It didn’t take me long to realise that the financial risk of starting my own business was too high, considering the time it would take to bring the business up to a point where I can draw a decent income.

I then started hunting to purchase an existing business or franchise, and found Talbot Auto Doors through DC Strategy.

James (DC) was a great help who provided business performance documents, financials and anything else I needed.

James set up meetings with Talbot Auto doors, and after going through all with a fine-toothed comb, I wanted in.

DC Strategy helped me set up the franchise, and pointed me in the right direction regarding financing.

With the experience of James, getting started was easy. Franchising Talbot Auto Doors Western Sydney was the best decision I made and two years on I haven’t looked back.

I’m really enjoying my franchise journey. The business model is sound, the work management system is excellent, the technical and manpower support from Talbot Doors is fantastic.

My business is flourishing and my son has also joined me. I now make a good living and planning for my family’s financial future is now a pleasure.”

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