New franchise business up and running (and bubbling)

Franchising is one of the most successful business models in Australia and has been the foundation and growth strategy for many of Australia’s most well-known brands. Covering a wide variety of sectors, the franchising industry has grown in recent years, providing job opportunities to more than 500,000 people and generating over $181.8bn in revenue. There’s said to be around 1314 franchise networks in operation around the country and with annual growth expected, this number is set to jump up by early next year.


Brewing success

The Little Cha is the latest business to grant their first franchise, making the soon-to-be 11-store network an attractive opportunity for interested franchise buyers, not to mention their international presence in Taiwan - the home of bubble tea! The brand new franchise location is the first for the state of Victoria. The Plenty Valley site will offer the finest bubble tea to residents and visitors from all around the city of Melbourne. This is only the beginning for this young brand, with further franchise locations set to pop up just in time for Summer!


This exciting announcement unfolds a new era for the popular brand and comes after a full franchise development program was created and completed by DC Strategy. The brand has also been engaged in a recruitment and marketing strategy project, closely linked to their franchise goals and business growth plans with the same company.


Creating the TEAm

As most people will know, franchising a business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience and commitment. Working with the right people to develop a scalable network and following the correct procedures when finding and recruiting franchisees, is paramount to a franchise launching and being successful. 


International Operations Manager at The Little Cha shares his thoughts on the entire process and highlights the noticeable results after twelve months of an exclusive partnership with DC Strategy, an end-to-end franchising firm that specialises in everything franchising, everywhere. He highlights and commends each department’s ability to complete all aspects of the project under one roof, working together as a TEAm and discusses the process to what eventually led to the successful grant of his first franchise. 


"Through the extensive strategic planning and partnership with DC Strategy in each of their Consulting, Legal, Franchise Sales and Lead Generation departments over the last 12 months, I have seen the successful transformation of my company into a world-class franchise offer that has welcomed our first franchisee into the network. I am proud of the franchise opportunity I now offer franchisees ​to be a part of,​ and invite quality people to learn more about ​what​ DC Strategy ​has helped The Little Cha achieve." ~  Hank, International Operations Manager, The Little Cha


DC Strategy has been building the foundations of successful businesses for over 35 years. Founded by Australian Franchise Hall of Fame member, Rod Young, the company is Australasia’s ONLY end-to-end consulting, development, legal, franchise sales and lead generation firm, providing a number of unique franchise services in-house.


“In just the last decade our franchise programs have created well over $2 billion worth of enterprise value for our clients. We’ve advised over 200 networks and established over 2000 franchised locations in Australia alone. We know exactly what it takes to grow a business – many of our clients have come to us with a single location and we’ve assisted their expansion to international networks.” ~ Rod Young, DC Strategy Founder and Chairman


If you’re thinking about franchising your business, get in touch with DC Strategy for a no-obligation, cost-free assessment. If you’re already a franchise business, but struggling to find and recruit franchisees, get in touch to find out more about our excellent Franchise Sales and Lead Generation program that can be tailored to your business. 


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