BE a part of MBE: 5 Reasons to Franchise with MBE

Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) is a global company with over 2500 locations internationally and 38 centres throughout Australia. They offer Australian businesses and home offices a large selection of professional business services conveniently consolidated at the one location.

The MBE franchise takes full advantage of the latest technologies, connecting individuals and businesses like never before. This has been a major contributing factor to Australia shifting to a service based economy.

An MBE franchise is ideally positioned to capitalise on both these trends with a business model that combines state-of-the-art technology and services provided to Australia’s ever expanding business and home offices.

Now, it's time for us to deliver 5 reasons to franchise with MBE

1. Global Brand

You will have the power of the entire global MBE network to draw upon as they help you to grow your business. MBE has become one of the most profitable franchises on the back of decades of hard work and expansion every single one of their entrepreneurs. Their growth has made the MBE brand a household name around the world.

2. Professional training and support

As an MBE franchise business owner, you will receive all of the training you need in business operations and development. This is not limited to the online MBE Academy, webinars and classroom instruction. You will also have in-centre training which will prepare you for the real world of being the boss of your own MBE Centre.

3. Easy Start-up

They have already set up thousands of MBE Centres around the world. MBE will help you with everything from the interior design to selecting a location. They know what works.

4. Business Growth

MBE franchises are designed to grow. You will have ready access to the tools and technology you need to expand your business. As well as a central team of experts to help you do it.

5. Varied work

One day you might be organising the logistics needs of a local business. The next, finalising the design and printing a nearby company’s advertising brochures. The variety of work will never leave you bored.


Own 3 businesses in 1 with an MBE Centre

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