Introducing MBE Franchise Partner, Chao Jiang of MBE Robina

Chao Jiang, a proud franchise partner of MBE, shares his experience of being part of the MBE team. He highlights his journey of owning an MBE franchise in Robina Queensland, business details, and his goals for the future. Read on to learn about Chao's experience and his thoughts on MBE's support and training program.

Chao at Robina store

How does it feel to be part of the MBE team?

Chao shares that he thoroughly enjoys being a part of the MBE team. He mentions that Paul and Peter have been great sources of inspiration and support, helping him do his best.

What led you to own an MBE franchise?

Chao reveals that it was a combination of his daughter and his major that led him to search for a suitable business. He was in search of a business for over half a year, and finally, he found an MBE store that was up for sale. Although the printing industry was new to him, he had an IT background and was confident of catching up in just three months.

Can you tell us more about your business, the area, and your goals?

Chao explains that his business has a good mix of printing, shipping, and mailbox customers, and he is working on continuing its growth. He acknowledges the biggest challenge in the area, which is the recently opened Officeworks that has taken away a considerable number of walk-in customers. However, Chao remains focused on providing excellent customer service and job efficiency to win back customers, particularly new ones. He shares that in the last six months, the business has received seven 5-star Google reviews, which is a positive indication that they are proceeding well.

What decisions did you consider when buying a franchise?

Chao's decision to buy an MBE franchise was driven by his desire to have more flexible time to spend with his baby.

How did you find the training when you started your business?

Chao found the training to be a valuable experience, even though it was not life-changing. He believes that the training program provided a great background on the printing industry and some tricks to make profits.

Can you tell us more about your support since joining the MBE team?

Chao expresses that he has been enjoying working with the MBE team and mentions that Paul and Peter have been legends in their support. He shares that they have been happy to share their experiences and tips on operating the business with him.

Chao Jiang's journey as an MBE franchise partner is an inspiring one. He highlights the support and training provided by MBE and how it has helped him in his business. MBE continues to be a supportive community for its franchise partners and helps them achieve their goals and succeed in the industry.

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