Lifesize Plans eyes out global expansion

The Lifesize Plans Group have announced plans to expand their franchise business model across the world.

Lifesize Plans, the revolutionary company that brings building plans to life, is on a growth trajectory on an international scale. The Australian-born tech startup recently opened the doors to its brand-new state of the art location in Auburn, Sydney and is expected to launch flagship sites in countries like the United States, UK, Europe, Canada and South Africa. 


Lifesize Plans bring architectural plans and future homes and commercial properties to a real-life size before thousands of dollars are put toward building and renovations. The group has commercialised the world's first-ever patented full-scale home walkthrough technology, which is revolutionising the design and construction industries, helping architects, interior designers, builders and the real estate industry. They collaborate with design teams for both residential properties and commercial sites, such as restaurants and cafes to improve all  aspects of the build project.

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How did it all come together?

After pitching on the hit television show Shark Tank in 2018, Lifesize Plans has attracted interest from hundreds of potential partners and investors alike, after proving the prototype technology and helping hundreds of clients build their dream home. Since then, the group has been perfecting their systems with the help of key stakeholders and firms, such as the DC Strategy Franchise Group. Together, they have developed a rewarding franchise network that’s now ready to expand across international borders. 

James Hickey, CEO of Lifesize Plans explains that, “Lifesize Plans is ready to expand into new markets and we believe that - with the help and vision of our investors and partners - that our quality franchise business offer will attract huge potential and will succeed around the globe.” 

The Lifesize Plans franchise opportunity is an exclusive chance for business-minded individuals or teams to join the future of design and experience developing a world-class business model that’s been tried and tested by experts in their field. The group has identified key areas for growth and are looking for the right people to take their first-class walkthrough technology to new heights. Franchise owners will take the guesswork out for thousands of design projects, by providing a collaboration space with exceptional customer service to a growing list of empowered clients around the world. 


Interested in investing in a forward-thinking franchise? Benefits of owning a Lifesize Plans franchise business include:


  • Team type model

Franchisees will operate using a dual model system, with designers showing off their designs to the customer, while the salesperson is out to attract more customers.


  • Low staff wage model

Low staff model available due to lower number of staff. As a business owner, franchisees will have a fantastic net profit and gross profit, based on asset utilisation.


  • Innovative brand

Lifesize Plans is all about pioneering the growing tech in the building industry, offering exciting, patented technology that can be used to be proactive and fix the root of the problem before it can occur for both parties in designing and constructing homes.


  • Simplistic workflow

The business workflow is all centered around the customer service journey, supplying a unique and professional service, with sales and operations attributes that have been tried and tested to achieve optimal success throughout all aspects of the business.


  • International franchise opportunity

The Lifesize Plans Group is looking for sophisticated business executives for their international master franchisees all around the world, including the USA.


  • Tech setup

Lifesize Plans patented technology can be bought outright or leasing arrangements can be implemented.


Join the Lifesize Plans Group! 

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