DannyBoys launches first franchise deal in Brendale, Queensland

DC Strategy is excited to announce that DannyBoys has signed its very first franchise deal in its home state of Queensland.

This news comes after launching their franchise development program appointing DC Strategy as their franchise development partners to help grow the brand across Queensland and Australia. 

DannyBoys has teamed up with John Denton to grow the new franchise sandwich shop in Brendale. The proposed Brendale location, a suburb in the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, will serve as the second anchor for the DannyBoys Team and continue to make people feel good about what they’re eating by serving up authentic food and flavours.


Daniel McKennariey, the founder and CEO of DannyBoys, said, "The period from 2020 to 2021 has been a time like no other for all businesses across Australia. But in the midst of all that is going on in the world, DannyBoys welcomed their first franchisee in mid-August 2021. This exciting addition to the DannyBoys family was most welcomed. We couldn’t have asked for a better first franchisee in John and Mel. They are the perfect fit - passionate, hard-working, dedicated lovers of food with the same ethics and vision necessary for the future success of DannyBoys. I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome John and Mel to the DannyBoys family and wish them all the success in our future journey”.


Daniel McKennariey, is an experienced and professional chef who has perfected the DannyBoys recipes. Once a customer has tasted a rockstar sandwich they are a regular for life”. 


The first DannyBoys store opended in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane in April 2011 is now a staple lunch spot for all.  Along with a DannyBoys store in Brendale, their sandwich shops are in the heart of the community and they have garnered a cult following of students, locals and office workers alike.


DannyBoys thrives off their continued success, success that comes from their amazing staff, production facility and Head Office support. At DannyBoys everyone is part of the family. Daniel is committed to ensuring the customer experience across the brand is second to none and enabling franchisees to succeed through sharing his trade secrets. 


We spoke to John Denton about his thoughts on owning and operating the DannyBoys Brendale store and why he chose to franchise with the brand.


How does it feel to be partnering with DannyBoys?

"Both my wife and I are very excited. My son already works at the Brendale shop so it’s exciting to know it is now our family-owned business.  DannyBoys is incredibly popular in the community and surrounds, we’ve tried them before, and we are happy to know we can continue to rock the sandwich world with DannyBoys. We know it’s a great business with an easy to run business model, so we are confident in taking this next chapter." 


What led you to owning a DannyBoys?

"Through word of mouth, DannyBoys seemingly became the topic of most conversations had with friends and family. I had been in banking for 21 years in a corporate relationship management role and deciding to close this chapter was the best thing I could have done. We had been looking for a food business, my wife and I are passionate about food; American style food, smoked meats, homemade pizza - you name it! We thought about starting our own business, but when Izak (my son), got the job at DannyBoys I jumped on to their website and noticed the franchise opportunities which were available. DannyBoys Brendale was the one store I didn’t see listed, obviously because it was an existing store, but it was so close to home and so convenient. It was perfect, so I enquired, and Daniel was interested in making the Brendale shop available and as the first franchise store!"


Can you tell us more about your business in particular - the area and your goals?

"Brendale is a growing and very busy industrial site. With COVID-19, myself and I assume many others wouldn’t dare opening a store in a CBD location right now. 

The industrial locations are great – there are mostly essential workers there – no one is going to run the metal press from their backyard, so the workshops and factories stay open. There are also loads of corporate industries that have their head-offices based in Brendale too so there’s a massive opportunity for us to increase the catering side of the business,  a short-term goal we have planned. There has already been organic growth with very little marketing being done, but word of mouth and the positive reputation and outstanding quality of food attracts newcomers and passersby while maintaining the relationship with the local regulars.

We do have a plan to run a few marketing campaigns just to spread the word that we are here, the food is great – the brand is already popular here, but we want to emphasize on the catering side. We make great coffee down here too! There’s a breakfast and coffee combo deal that we have running at the moment with different breakfast rolls and toasties. So, I think we can take in a larger slice of the morning/breakfast coffee run. 

The long-term goals we have planned would probably be to consider opening another DannyBoys shop preferably staying within industrial zones or popular suburban strips."


What decisions did you consider when buying a franchise?

"Having been in business banking for so long I have witnessed so many businesses come and go with many being successful and some failing, so we always knew to consider location, product, access, and exposure. That being said we had always considered our preferred location to be industrial.

With DannyBoys, the product, system, location, and exposure were already in place. The popularity of the brand was a bonus for us! Being foodies, we knew this was an amazing product and a brand we wanted to be part of."


How did you find the training and support when you started your business?

"The support has been amazing! Being the first franchisee Danny has really gone out of his way to make himself available to us and the same can be said about his wife Kara."

Kara brings her 20+ years of hospitality industry experience via her track record in working at various restaurants, private estates across the United States and Australia as well as holding Chief Stewardess position as M/Y Anjilis to the DannyBoys franchise network.

"They have both been equally supportive. The standard training may take a couple of weeks, but we are almost ready to not be too reliant. Dan has gone above and beyond to ensure that we understand the business so that we can be successful at running it."

- John Denton, franchisee owner of DannyBoys Brendale, Queensland


Benefits of owning a DannyBoys franchise


Multiple revenue streams

  • The brand relies on quality ingredients and slow fermentation to produce a unique and distinctive flavour. All our bread is made and baked in-store throughout the day. DannyBoys success and popularity, is in part due to our product but also becasue we adapt to our customers’ needs. We offer exclusive catering for meetings, parties and events and have created exceptional breakfast and lunchtime platters to suit big orders. 
  • In keeping with current food trends online food delivery is also in high demand and DannyBoys has partnered with Uber Eats and Menulog to reach even more satisfied customers. 

Proven business model

  • Danny Boys has worked with top consultants (global franchise consultancy group 2020 DC Strategy), to develop a successful business model that is simple and easy to follow. The model has been tried and tested with the current DannyBoys stores which are a growing success.


  • At DannyBoys, we find sustainable and cost-effective solutions that service the business needs of our franchisees. To keep purchasing costs low, we buy high-quality ingredients in bulk giving our stores a great price whilst keeping quality high.
  • Trading hours cover all three mealtimes of the day which means DannyBoys is always in action in peak times for an early breakfast, lunchtime rush and dinner time. 

Site selection and lease negotiation

  • DannyBoys takes it's time to make sure the location and rent are right to help franchisees succeed. Our network of experts will help franchisees in the site selection process and negotiations of the lease. This support will help ensure franchisees only open in quality locations with best possible rent.  
  • A DannyBoys store is inviting and comfortable for customers. As a franchisee, you will receive assistance with your store design and equipment ordering. 

Multi-unit opportunities

  • There are opportunities to become a multi-unit franchise operator giving franchisees the chance to leverage multiple profile centres and decrease the cost per unit associated with items such as administration and marketing. 

Marketing, Training and Support

  • Dannyboys has strong consumer marketing (we even sell their own merchandise), and franchisees can benefit from our existing marketing activities such as social media campaigns and advertising. Franchisees will have access to all of our marketing assets to help promote their store including branded collateral. 
  • The launch support is second to none and as well as 1:1 training with the CEOs, franchisees will have an initial two weeks in-store training to help embed themselves into the environment. 
  • Franchisees will also receive support and assistance with their employee roster, finance systems, management systems and the head office team will focus on supporting franchisees throughout their rockstar journey.

DannyBoys is involved in the community through DannyBoys Doughnation and StreetLight. Giving to people in need one sandwich at a time. "We also support other initiatives close to our heart" - Daniel McKennariey 

Do you share the same passion for delicious food and community spirit? If you’re interested in the DannyBoys franchise opportunity, enquire today!