DannyBoys’ survival guide as a small business

We all know that times are tough at the moment, with schools closed and thousands left unemployed or stood down and most small businesses suffering huge revenue losses. This has been caused by the changes in business operations and government restrictions about group gatherings, as well as unprecedented circumstances due to the COVID-19 global crisis. The hospitality industry is possibly one of the hardest hit with dine-in options stripped away and new measures put in place to force restaurants to operate on a takeaway and delivery service only.

It’s been incredible to see the resilience of so many small businesses - especially those going the extra mile to keep staff employed and adapting their business operations to successfully transition their products and services to ‘virtually’ an online business. Some businesses haven’t been so lucky! Ongoing expenses, reduced income and leasing obligations are just some of the reasons causing countless small businesses to shut their doors and in the interim, hope that things will start to recover soon.

We spoke to DannyBoys founder and CEO, Daniel McKennariey to find out more about the current situation and how the team has adapted by implementing new ways to reach customers. We asked the hard-hitting questions to give other small businesses insight into how this gourmet sandwich business had survived over the past month and how it plans to prepare for the uncertainty ahead.

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How has the Coronavirus global crisis changed the way your business operates?

We like so many businesses have experienced a significant decrease in sales, through catering and walk-ins. We have had to adapt by;

  • Firstly, letting people know we are still open – we’ve used social media channels and made updates to our website to ensure that our community keeps hearing from us.
  • Making people aware that it is safe to order DannyBoys and the measures we have in place to protect our staff, suppliers and customers.
  • Managing our rosters to ensure that we keep operating while trying to keep all of our staff employed
  • Keeping a good level of internal communication to keep up to date with the daily changes and ensure that our staff are working in a safe environment.

How have you adapted the business model to meet government requirements and restrictions?

“We’ve followed the rules that have been set by the government and have implemented the requirements in order to continue operating. We’ve added stickers on the ground for social distancing, ensuring that anyone who enters our stores are 1.5m apart at all times. We’ve also offered hand sanitizer at counters and created signage about the Coronavirus to educate and inform visitors.”

Can you provide information on your delivery/take away options - any stats or figures on current performance?

“We have seen a growth of 15% through online partners which is holding steady at the moment. We are launching our own free delivery service from 11am – 9pm, 7 days a week starting this week. We’re hoping this will improve our sales and get our customers back ordering their favourite sandwiches, soups and cupcakes.”

A business model for the future

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