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1st Choice Rentals, rent out the best brands at the best prices. All delivered and installed in the comfort of your own home.


They are a family-owned Australian company and have been hiring household appliances to consumers since 1981. They truly stick by their motto that “We put you first!”.


As one of the leading household home appliance rental companies, you can be assured that 1st Choice Rentals has the best products on the market. Rent a big screen TV or perhaps you need a refrigerator, washer, heater or air conditioner! They have a huge range to choose from including furniture, home theater, computers, laptops, lounges, beds & fitness equipment. At 1st Choice Rentals, they give you a real choice!


They care about you and endeavour to supply the right product for your needs and financial circumstances.  You are not “just a number” to their team.


With online applications, easy-navigation categories and an online shopping cart, 1st Choice Rentals is leading the popular industry and setting high standards for competitors to attempt to reach.


If all of the above gets you excited, you should be thinking about joining the team as an Associate.


Who they are looking for... “A 1st Choice Rentals Associate should have a very positive outlook. They should be relatable people who can instantly start a conversation with the customer and come across as a friendly presence. The ability to connect with the clients and establish rapport quickly is extremely important.” 1st Choice Rentals team.


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