What characteristics make a good franchisee?


Have you ever thought about bringing your favourite franchise brand to your neighbourhood? Have you ever seen an empty retail space and thought, “this would be perfect for a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream scoop shop or a popular restaurant franchise”. Perhaps you’re more hands on and would prefer to be involved in a business delivering a service or providing a mobile business solution.


Before you jump straight into making enquiries and trying to figure out where to start, take some time to understand what characteristics make a good franchisee and what franchise business would be a good fit for you. The journey to becoming a franchisee could take anywhere from three to twelve months, so before you begin uncovering the franchise sales process, read our top 10 franchisee characteristics and take our quick survey to discover whether franchising is right for you and what industries and opportunities you should explore.


Top 10 franchisee characteristics

  1. Compliant
  2. Resilient
  3. Hard working
  4. Business minded
  5. Necessary skills and ability to learn
  6. Relevant experience
  7. Sales & Marketing knowledge
  8. Ambition and determination
  9. Commitment and loyalty
  10. Driven and willing to learn


Owning and operating a franchise requires a certain type of person. Bear in mind that franchise systems are built on proven business models and follow specific procedures in order to operate. That being said, you need to be able to follow rules and regulations, while ensuring the effectiveness of the business. A franchise business comes with an operations manual for a reason! They are there to help you succeed and provide the platform to set up and run your business. A franchise system also offers in-depth training and support for franchisees - giving you the tools and skills to build your business, as well as marketing support to ensure growth and sustainability. Remember that owning a franchise business doesn’t eliminate all risks, but you need to be willing to take a risk and be compliant to have any chance of success.


Still searching for your perfect franchise? Take our quick and easy survey to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful franchise owner. You can also browse through our wide range of franchise opportunities and franchise brands.




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