How a franchise development program sets your business up for long term success?

Has your business reached a critical point of growth with strong sales in your local market, a database of loyal customers and a desire to establish a regional or national presence? If this is the case, franchising is often an appealing model. With investments from franchisees, your business, brand and operations can quickly extend beyond the current base before the competition has a chance to get a foothold.


It is important to understand that franchising isn't a simple process, only businesses that are prepared with a well developed structure and experienced team will succeed. Of the approx. 1200 franchise networks in Australia, only a few hundred quality operators have been able to grow to critical mass or have enterprise value in excess of $5 Million. It is the best advised, prepared and operated franchise systems that have franchise failure rates of less than 20%.


An action plan that’s focused on delivering value and achieving goals

The initial strategy component of the program will work to identify business gaps, set performance benchmarks and eliminate the most critical elements impacting growth and profitability. Having a thorough understanding of your value proposition, the competitive landscape and core objectives of the business is fundamental and will provide a foundation for long term sustainable growth.


Minimise risk by ensuring compliance

The recent government enquiry into Fairness in Franchising in March, highlighted the need for better management and governance in the franchise sector. The practices employed by franchisors will be heavily scrutinised by government and media in the coming years. Developing a franchise model for long term success will require careful consideration across all facets of operation. An experienced, dedicated team of franchise experts provide the know how to establish the necessary processes and minimise the risk of non compliance.


A program of cost effective head office management, training and support

Managing franchisee compliance to operational procedures, brand consistency and industry regulation can drain operational funds.   Our program consists of a team of franchise consultants, legal and recruitment experts that work with you to devise an organisational structure that supports your expansion plans, develop a strategy to recruit the right franchisees and compile a solid foundation of operational procedures which empowers new franchisees to run their business confidently, leading to sustainable long term growth.


An incremental approach to sustainable business transformation

The fundamental long term success of a franchise model is scalability. The goal of a franchise program is to transform your business and provide an immediate uplift to your existing business while the team of consultants, marketing, legal and recruitment consultants build a sustainable and competitive franchise system.


The modular, step by step journey is a personalised one that leads to a greater understanding as a business owner of how to operate and grow your franchise network successfully.




If you’re looking to grow your business by franchising, contact our franchising consultants for a complimentary 20-minute assessment. We’ll help assess the readiness of your business for franchising and further explain how our franchise development program works. Fill out our contact form on to get in touch today.


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