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Red Sparrow Pizza Four Months of Summer Yarra Valley Pop up

Spend this summer with Red Sparrow Pizza and Napoleone Cider. The duo have teamed up for a summer of wood-fired vegan pizza and fresh cider in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Red Sparrow Pizza brings the heat with its unrivalled vegan pizzas each weekend. Expect 100% woodfired pizzas made with hand-stretched long fermented dough, classic toppings like pepperoni and all-time new favourites – the cheeseburger pizza and a couple of pints of ice-cold cider - naturally vegan friendly!

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P3 in Campbelltown? Yes, Please!

P3 may be relatively new to the restaurant (and franchising) scene, but they are leading the way in terms of growth, potential and success. They have a unique and disruptive business model. The  customer counts and satisfaction rates prove that this innovative concept is here to stay!

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