The Fitness Studio with a Hot Difference

Innovative fitness brand, Hot Temple is expanding their network by franchising across Victoria and Australia. 

One of the latest brands to partner with DC Strategy is Melbourne-based high-intensity fitness studio, Hot Temple. The studio offers a game-changing experience and is known to be an addictive way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

The hot fitness studio has proven itself to be a leader in the health and fitness industry, incorporating a multi-facet approach to achieving physical and mental benefits from infrared energy. 

Unlike other fitness centres operating with a traditional approach, Hot Temple uses the latest in technology, setting itself apart with a revolutionary integrated cycle, cardio, strength, pilates and yoga concept using an infrared heated studio. The infrared heaters are set to be at around 30-40 degrees, turned on during the variety of classes that the fitness studio offers, including a sauna. 

This unique offering has captured the attention of the community and inspired a growing brand following.

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One of the many Hot Temple Studio members gave her insight into the training stating that she never imagined that she would enjoy a spin class.

“ I never imagined that I’d enjoy a spin class, being yelled at while exercising in 38 degrees was not appealing at all, I started doing hot yoga to escape the cold and eventually gave a cycle class a go. I now attend more cycle classes than yoga and absolutely love it. Great instructors, and the gains in fitness have been amazing”. - Jemma

DC Strategy is excited to have a brand that is becoming a prominent figure in the fitness industry on board. James Young, Head of Franchise Sales at DC Strategy expresses his excitement in helping a brand like Hot Temple launch into its next phase: 

“We are all thrilled to be working with the Hot Temple franchise group. Hot Temple has a huge point of difference, and their clients are committed and passionate to the brand.  Hot Temple has a model that is not only highly profitable but empowering for individuals’ health and wellbeing.  As a group they are passionate and committed to supporting their franchise partners and building something special. We are looking forward to speaking with motivated potential franchisees and growing this brand across Australia”

As James mentioned, Hot Temple Franchisees will benefit from a simple business model, a loyal customer base, and ongoing support.  In addition to this franchisees also have the added benefit of multi-revenue streams with class memberships, day visits and selling merchandise, all generating income for the business.

Opportunities are starting from $250,000. 

If you are interested in finding out more information about Hot Temple and the opportunity, contact the DC Strategy team. 

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