Q&A with Doug Surmon CEO of Talbot Doors

Can you tell us a little more about your involvement with Talbot Doors?


I am currently the CEO of Talbot Doors. I purchased the business 9 years ago and have enjoyed excellent growth and financial reward in this industry.  Whilst being a technical business, my background is in business management and system development and this has allowed me to grow the business within a structured framework and system that meet our customer ever increasing compliance requirements.


My most important role is one of leadership and staff management, recruiting  training and motivating the right team to take the company forward. We currently have and excellent team, and that includes our first franchisee Tek Temil.  My role includes the support and business coach for our franchisees, offering both business insight and technical support.


What led to the expansion of Talbot Doors?


Our expansion has mainly been through word of mouth promotion, with building managers referring Talbot to other building managers and also bring Talbots across to new building they manage.  


Our expansion can also be attributed to our residential gate solutions especially to confined properties that have space limitations.  Our telescopic gates and trackless bifold gates provide a unique solution that is exclusive to Talbots.


What are your goals for the year ahead?


In offering our services across Australia through a network for Franchisees.


What makes the Talbot Doors brand different to others in the same industry?


In the commercial market its service, Tabot’s business model allows the company to offer a personalised service to our clients. This reinforces the franchise model where the clients are dealing with the business owner.  Talbots stand apart from all our opposition with this business framework, and whilst still in its early stages , the system has certainly proved to be very successful.


Our product offering also set Talbots appart from our competitors especially with residential gates.  We carry a very reliable and competitively priced range of auto door products allowing the company to offer cost effective solutions to our clients.


How does the recruitment process work and how do potential franchisees get involved?


Recruitment is covered by DC Strategy, once on board, the Franchisee undergoes a 2 week period of intense training, that includes pairing up with existing Talbot technicians offering hands on experience.


The training covers from setting up the business and bank accounts, accounting systems and job tracking system as well as technical training on the products and services we offer.  The ongoing support is them provided as required moving forwards with no limitations.


What qualities are you looking for in franchisees?


The franchise needs to be a motivated people person who has some electrical and trades knowledge and experience.  The focus is on customer service, so the ability to communicate with clients is essential, then the service offering requires some electrical knowledge and understanding, so a background in electronics will be good to have.


The electronics is largely low voltage electronics, similar to working on an appliance that can be unplugged from the mains and hence does not requires a licensed electrician.  That said, being a licensed electrician would be extremely beneficial.


Why did Talbot Doors decide to partner with DC Strategy?


Talbot choose to partner with a company that understood the franchising system in Australia and how support a business in developing a franchise business.  DC Strategy has worked with many successful franchises and understand this business model. In working with DC Strategy I think they are the most experienced in the franchising industry and also provide the confidence that the Talbot franchising business opportunity is sound and a good business decision.


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