Pigs aren't flying but Huxtaburgers are!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Huxtaburgers falling from the sky. 

Pigs aren't flying but Huxtaburgers are! Huxtaburger is on the horizon, and it's coming from where you might least expect it - the sky!


When looking to join a franchise some of the most common questions a potential franchisee asks are: Where does this business fit in the marketplace? Are there proven marketing strategies in place? What does the menu look like? The amazing Huxta-PR team works hard to ensure that your business is always booming. When your franchise is constantly in the news (for the right reasons), you can't go wrong!


On Saturday, It was all about April Fools, DC Strategy client Huxtaburger teamed up with food delivery service Deliveroo to pull off one of the most epic pranks of all time.


After riding the waves all day at Thirteenth Beach on Saturday, two surfers decided to end the perfect day with Huxtaburger. Ordering a Huxta-feast online from popular service Deliveroo, they were pleasantly surprised to see their food arrive via a skydiver.


The prank was pulled off seamlessly, and was covered by many news outlets, including primetime coverage on the Channel 9 News and Channel Ten TV newscast. It also received massive online coverage, The Herald SunThe Daily Telegraph , Weekend Today, and popular radio station Fox Hit 101.9. So far, the videos posted online have received over 186K views on Facebook, 14K views on YouTube, and over 1.5K views on Instagram.


Huxtaburger was also recently named one of the 25 most influential industry movers by the Herald Sun. The strong Huxta-media presence is one of the many reasons Huxtaburger is poised as an industry leader,and ready to take over the marketplace. Interested? Huxtaburger is looking for burger lovers to own and run several franchise locations. If you’re dynamic and have the passion to operate a business in a foodie hub, contact us for a personal conversation registering your interest today! 


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