Lollipop’s is almost fully franchised in Western Australia

Lollipop’s is pleased to announce that they have successfully franchised nearly all of their WA market and are currently experiencing the remarkable performance. Jandakot is the only remaining site available going for $680,000.  Lollipops has limited availability of 2-3 territories in Victoria, and now shift its focus towards the Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane markets.

One of the key components of a profitable playland is the initial site selection. Lollipop’s completes a full demographic analysis to ensure franchisees have the best chance of success.

Lollipop’s Playland and Cafe is an established franchise network across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, and the business has made a strong name for itself in the indoor recreation industry. For over two decades, since 1993, Lollipop's has been dedicated to promoting physical activity and well-being among children. Through their commitment to play, they have successfully engaged over 10 million children, inspiring them to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

The brand implements brightly coloured uniforms, bubbly personalities, and a professional environment, to maximise children’s fun and to encourage repeat visits.

Children’s play centres are part of a rapidly growing industry, where franchisees will be working towards a high level of return that will be rewarded via a successful and profitable business.

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