Lenard’s talks past and future

The popular fresh chicken franchise.

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With retailer support and feedback, Lenard’s is proud to announce a new range of products! Frozen thaw for meat case and deli, and a boxed freezer range, which allows for a longer shelf life. The full range will be available nationwide soon through charge-through and cross-docking. This is an exciting step for the Lenard's brand as they look forward to welcoming new customers. 


summer range

Cameron Lee, Operations Manager for Lenard’s, chats to us about the business’s previous challenges as well as further expansion into the future through franchising, as they continue to innovate with incredible new products.


What was a challenge you faced during the pandemic and how did you resolve it?

One of the biggest challenges we experienced through the pandemic was keeping our team safe and healthy to avoid any closures.

This was achieved via daily emails identifying contact points and having all team members get tested if they were deemed to have been exposed, and follow the government health directives.

Once we had all the borders open we were then challenged with supply issues that we managed through with constant communication with our suppliers and stakeholders. We did have to find some substitutes to our normal ingredients to avoid out of stocks but we managed through this with our suppliers and stores.


Why do you think Australia loves Lenard's?

Lenard’s has been value-adding poultry for over 30 years in the Australian market and is a household name, known for quality and innovation. Over the years we became a family favourite on the dinner tables of many Australian families and even to this day, people search out our products over others in the market.


What is one piece of advice you could give to every new franchisee?

The piece of advice I give to every franchisee is to build a great team, a team that is well trained and aligned with the brand culture will be your best asset. Don’t accept average.  Help your team strive for excellence in everything they do.

And most importantly have fun with it.


Why do franchisees invest in your business?

I am sure there are many reasons franchisees decided to join our brand, but one of the more common things I notice is to build a family business and have some flexibility.


What is the two-year target for Lenard’s?

Over the next 2 years, we aim to reinstate our brand in the market by making our products and brand available in more regions, particularly the regions we know we have a strong customer following and are hungry for our products.


What are your key franchise locations?

Further to the below regions that are current stores for sale, I think Rockhampton, Toowoomba and South East Queensland as a broader region but I do feel a big push into Rockhampton/ Yeppoon would be worthwhile.

Hervey Bay (Turnkey) in Queensland, and the following existing locations: Swan Hill in Victoria, Ellenbrook and Gateway in Western Australia.


What are the key selling points for Lenard’s franchise model?

  • 35+ years in the value-added poultry industry
  • A well known brand
  • Flexible business model
  • Three in one business operation - an adaptable model allowing for multiple income streams, including retail and delivery
  • Lenard’s has long-term, credible and established suppliers readily available.
  • An open-minded and growing brand.

Lenard’s is all about supplying go-to delicious and convenient meals to their loyal customers. Click here to learn more.