Launch Your Franchise Competition Partner: Benjamin & Benjamin

Benjamin & Benjamin Insurance Group is a boutique business insurance broking specialist. We focus on business with turnover between $1 million to $100 million across all industries, and individuals with personal assets of more than $3 million. 

Benjamin & Benjamin Insurance Group is led by Paul Benjamin as the Managing Director. Paul is a third generation Benjamin who has dedicated their lives to solving their clients' business problems with smart insurance solutions since 1921. 

Why you should at least consider Cyber insurance?

Did you now there are more than 84 different ways to be digitally connected to your personal and work life, here are some: Google home, home security, gaming platforms, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, mainframe computers, monitored security, digitally controlled air-conditioning, etc.

These are all driven by data. Data is a currency, data is extremely valuable. Do you have security for all these things? If not, you have left the door wide open for potential loss of privacy and possible attack!

Customer information, passwords, financial information and supplier information make up more than 50% of the things that cyber criminals want! Being hacked, held to ransom, being tricked in to paying the wrong supplier, cost Australian business $29 Billion in 2019. There were 693,053 Australian businesses (that’s 33% of all businesses) who experienced Cybercrime according to the Australian Governments’ Cyber Security Centre.

If you suffer a cyber-security data breach you are now subject to the Australian Privacy Acts’ Notifiable Data Breach Scheme (came in to force 23/2/2019) with penalties up to $1.7 million for the company and up to $340,000 for each director!

Cyber insurance is your practical and financial security against these problems!

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