How to Build Generational Wealth through Franchising

DC Strategy Founder and Chairman, Rod Young was recently invited to take part in the Sydney Franchising Expo’s daily Seminar events. Rod presented an inspirational talk on building generational wealth to over 200 people during the event and provided an expert view on franchising.

So why franchise?

Below are the key benefits to franchising highlighted by Rod during his talks:

  • Sustainable, profitable, scalable, desirable for acquisition…Franchise networks can sell for Hundreds of Millions. Franchises can sell for Millions
  • Growing a network that reaches critical mass, and optimises enterprise value for both Franchisees and the Franchisor requires a holistic systems approach
  • Franchisors and Franchisees together provide economic, legal, recruitment, operations and brand and marketing management in their own businesses that together can create Generational Wealth.
  • Franchisees are a new breed of entrepreneur who look to manage risk by buying into proven business models and growing their franchise and their network as owner/operators.

He also mentioned that, “To build Generational Wealth, both Franchisors and Franchisees need to understand that they must work together to maintain and improve the BUSINESS SYSTEM and BUILD BRAND VALUE in the eyes of both the supplier and consumer.”

It’s also said that franchising success is built on three core values:

  • Capital
  • The Right People
  • A Profitable Business Model

All successful Franchisors and Franchisees are focused on finding and keeping customers.

At the same time, they both need to take responsibility for doing so. Great Franchisors and Franchisees support each other, their suppliers and their people and care about their brand as a whole.

Franchising services both online and offline consumers and is the most dynamic business development strategy of the 21st Century. It brings together the people, the system and the capital for growth.

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