We Are The Franchise Experts

When you think of many of Australia’s iconic franchise brands, DC Strategy has probably worked with many of them.

For over 35 years, we’ve helped our clients develop their franchise networks across Australia.

As the only end-to-end franchising firm in Australia, we take the development of our client’s network and the growth of our client’s enterprise value seriously.

We have a long-term track record of building national and international franchise brands.

The DC Strategy Group has 3 key firms across our Sydney and Melbourne offices that can handle all the needs of the franchise community.

DC Strategy, our franchise consulting firm, develops franchise programs by determining the franchise strategy, business structure and organisational structure. By analysing the current performance of the clients’ businesses, we create pro-forma economic models and data analysis to determine franchise viability, and calculate the initial franchise fees, on-going royalties, advertising contribution rates, rebate strategies, franchise establishment capital costs and profit projections. We also create franchise commercial policies and operations manuals for those enterprises wanting to franchise their business. We work seamlessly with our legal team to translate this strategy and structure into the legal agreements and legal structure.

Our law firm, DC Strategy Lawyers, provide advice on, drafting of franchise agreements and disclosure documentation and also handle all the commercial legal matters and corporate legal advice that a growing franchise network may need. This includes property sales, leasing and occupancy agreements, step-in deeds, shareholder agreements, licence agreements and employment agreements, as well as disputes if need be. DC Strategy Lawyers also operate a significant Intellectual Property practice, including the management and registration of trade marks. We provide and manage our clients’ intellectual property and trade mark needs in almost all of the countries and jurisdictions across the world.

Our franchise Sales and Marketing firm focus on Lead Generation and Recruitment. The team operates a sophisticated prospective franchisee lead generation program for a number of different local and global brands. This division also recruits, interviews, screens and selects financially and operationally qualified master franchisees and single unit franchisees for businesses needing assistance in granting new territories or locations. We also contribute to the transfer and assignment of existing franchise units or master franchises. With our marketing team developing content for digital and print, we constantly review and update our processes to effectively generate leads.

Our teams in Franchise Consulting, Franchise Law, Franchise Sales and Marketing, have the experience and knowledge to assist any business build, as well as consolidate and protect a successful, sustainable franchise network. 

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