Hecho En Mexico, authentic Mexican food with an element of zest.

Like the zesty margaritas made fresh everyday, Hecho en Mexico is here to shake things up! When it comes to authentic Mexican food jam-packed with flavour, Hecho en Mexico stands above the rest.

Hecho En Mexico aren’t your average Mexican restaurant. Created by hospitality veterans Menak Grover  & Parveen Bajar, Hecho En Mexico serves authentic Mexican food, that doesn’t compromise on flavour or customer experience. With a reputation for being “fun, youthful, and a little bit playful”, the team at Hecho en Mexico are delivering vibrant flavours with a twist of fun, and providing an exciting atmosphere that has customers talking about long after they’ve polished off their burritos.  


The team at Hecho en Mexico are big on community- everyone has a part to play, and everyone is equal when it comes to contributing to Hecho en Mexico’s experience and service. From produce to employees, Hecho en Mexico delivers outstanding food and customer service that reflects on their core values. That’s why customers describe Hecho en Mexico as a flavour destination, with an unique atmosphere  that doesn’t waiver on authenticity. It’s a completely immersive but casual experience that diners love.


With the mantra “fresh is best” practiced throughout their restaurants, Hecho en Mexico is creating fresh Mexican food and cocktails everyday, with a menu that mirrors their youthful and fun energy. This business offering is shaped by its authenticity and vibrance - it delivers all the classics that we know and love, but it’s their traditional flavours and fresh produce that makes them stand apart from other restaurants. From the juicy limes squeezed and twisted into their cocktails and margaritas, to the house-made nachos and quesadillas, this mouthwatering Mexican food is like no other.


Now, this exciting franchise business is expanding throughout Victoria. With four stores already open in Melbourne, this is your chance to be part of a thriving business opportunity that’s growing rapidly, right here in Australia. The brand is forever evolving, and willing to engage in new strategies and technologies to improve the business and experience for both employees and customers. They hope to open a further 3 Melbourne stores in the next 12 months, with their sights set on an Australia-wide expansion in the coming years.


Hecho en Mexico has partnered with DC Strategy to bring this fresh and playful Mexican cuisine to Melbourne, and eventually across Australia. With the first four franchises being located in Melbourne, there are a limited number of opportunities to carry the Hecho en Mexico enterprise to other cities in Australia.


Menak & Parveen describe their ideal candidates for growing the franchise to be “motivated, strategic and hungry for success, with a strong understanding of the hospitality landscape. We are looking for fit and outgoing people enthusiastic about providing outstanding customer service. It’s important that they’re able to influence people by being confident, enthusiastic, and ever so slightly competitive”.


If you’re passionate about flavour that’s energetic and playful, and of course a lover of great Mexican food and culture, contact DC Strategy today to discuss the potential of you opening your very own store.