As human beings, it’s ingrained in us from a young age to lead a healthy & balanced lifestyle, one that practices regular exercise and maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet. Yet, often the hustle and bustle of day-to-day activities can leave us little time at the end of the day to come home and prepare a meal that is both healthy and delicious. It’s no secret that cooking and preparing food requires time and energy, and occasionally inspiration from recipes we must obtain on our own accord.


Safe to say that we’re all guilty of reaching for our phones or walking down the street to pick-up and order a takeaway meal that perhaps will satisfy our cravings and hunger, but not our health in the long haul.


That’s where the demand for the health-food franchise comes into play. According to the National Restaurants Associations’ report from 2009, it’s said that 76% of adults are looking for healthier alternatives when they dine out, or are looking for an on-the-go meal. The Organic Trade Association notes that the sale of organic food increased by 22 percent each year, between 2000-2010. According to a 2017 report by Eating Out in Australia, the Australian population is recorded to eat-out two to three times a week, equating to 2.5 billion fast-food meals in a year.


It comes as no surprise that the eating habits of Australians reflects the demand for healthier and faster options when it comes to fast-food choices, that’s where Canadian-born Freshii comes into play. Freshii began 13 years ago, when owner Matthew Corrin decided that the fresh food industry needed to change. He curated a brand that had the perfect balance of being appealing, fresh, healthy and casual.


Since landing in Australia, Freshii has 10 thriving sites open across the country, and has won over the hearts and stomachs of people everywhere, from Joondalup in Western Australia all the way down to Chadstone in Victoria. Freshii is ready to continue their expansion plans with fantastic franchise opportunities available to a franchisee who’s ready to join the ‘fresh movement’.

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