MISSCHU- 'The Healthy Hawker' Serves Up Healthy Asian Street Food

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The team at MISSCHU have upped the ante, the health-food ante that is. With their focus on healthy and affordable Vietnamese food, it’s no surprise that MISSCHU tuckshops are a go-to lunch & dinner choice for health food fans across Melbourne.

Since Managing Director Gabi Machado bought the MISSCHU brand in 2011 before becoming sole owner-operator of in 2017, the restaurant has grown into a much-loved innovator in the industry, with a focus on increasing the health aspect of its Asian street food menu.


MISSCHU, otherwise known as ‘The Healthy Hawker’ focuses on paying homage to the fresh and nutritious ingredients found in traditional and modern asian recipes. The MISSCHU  kitchen is wholly health-conscious, substituting dressings and ingredients for healthier alternatives, and is ready to create a new category within the hospitality industry showcasing healthy Asian street food. Read about the MISSCHU mission here.


“We are very specific about the ingredients that we use and health is a key driver of our decision-making. For example, we use pure olive oil in our woks and marinades instead of highly processed vegetable oil, which is very unusual for Asian street food because of the cost. Pure olive oil has a high smoke point, which is great for our woks, it is trans-fat free and rich in healthy fats and anti-oxidants.”- Gabi Machado, Managing Director.


MISSCHU are conscious of every ingredient in their menu- from avoiding refined sugars, substituting wholegrain and low GI rice & grains rather than refined white rice, as well as offering shirataki noodles as an option in noodle salads, curries & soups on the menu. Proteins are marinated in-store and wok-to-order, creating a higher standard of flavour and freshness.


In 2018, the three Melbourne tuckshops average $2.5million in turnover last financial year, like-for-like sales across the shops were up 9.6% for the first four months of this financial year. October proved to be the highest grossing month for the team at MISSCHU and the newest South Melbourne tuckshop continues to break weekly records. Now, ‘The Healthy Hawker’ is ready to expand across Australia, with sites available now.


MISSCHU has partnered up with franchise experts DC Strategy, and are on the hunt for enthusiastic and health-conscious franchisees who’re ready to join the team! With locations available across Australia, including Northcote, Mornington, Noosa, Sydney & the Gold Coast. The time’s now! Get in touch with DC Strategy today to find out more about this fantastic business opportunity.


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