MISSCHU- Melbourne's favourite Asian Street Food

Healthy, affordable & delicious Asian Street Food? Melbourne can't get enough of MISSCHU!


It’s no secret that Melbourne is home to a mixture of exotic restaurants & cafes, offering everything from Japanese pizza to Serbian pljeskavica! But, there is one cuisine that has won over the hearts and stomachs of the people of Melbourne: Asian Street Food.


A balance of fresh spices and vegetables, and of course wok’d, fried or chargrilled proteins is the essence behind most menus, as well as strong reflections of culture, family and history. The popularity amongst Melbournians comes as no surprise, with queues out the door and onto the street come lunchtime at many restaurants.


With an ever-growing list of new restaurants on the rise, there is one institution you cannot miss - MISSCHU. This modern, punchy & healthy spin on Asian street food sets the scene for street food brands.


The MISSCHU concept focuses on health-conscious hawker food inspired by the fresh tastes of Asia and the fast pace of our urban lives. Known as ‘The Healthy Hawker’, MISSCHU’s famous rice paper rolls, juicy dumplings and variety of soups and noodle salads are a modern spin on traditional recipes, with flavours grounded in Vietnamese and Chinese heritage.


Each MISSCHU tuckshop receives daily supplies of fresh fruit & vegetables, poultry and seafood. Proteins are WTO ‘wok’d-to-order’ to hit a higher standard of taste and freshness. Marinades, sauces and stocks are made to special, super secret MISSCHU recipes.  The menu caters to numerous dietary requirements, without compromising on flavour! MISSCHU dials up the healthy element with low carb shirataki noodles, whole grain and low GI red rice, organic quinoa, fresh Atlantic salmon, grass-fed beef and pure olive oil in the woks and marinades.


The Asian street inspired menu is unique, healthy, affordable and delicious! Around town, the Healthy Hawker’s tuckshops are known for their vibrant and busy atmosphere, excellent customer service and quirky design. Catering is also available, as well as home delivery.


MISSCHU currently has three tuckshops in Melbourne and is expanding throughout Australia. Franchising experts at DC Strategy have partnered with MISSCHU, assisting with expansion in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and beyond.


As a new franchisor, MISSCHU is taking a fresh approach to franchising to ensure fairness and transparency for all parties, including:

  • Full transparency on any Rebates to head office;
  • A Rebate Sharing Plan to ensure Tuckshop Owners benefit from rebates associated with their purchases; and
  • A tiered Royalty Fee structure.


In addition to partnering with a refreshing new franchisor, other benefits of owning a MISSCHU are:


  • Be part of a business model that turned over an average of $2.5M last financial year for each Tuckshop.
  • Be part of a unique Asian street-food concept that dials up the healthy ingredients.
  • Join a team that is committed to creating a strong and supportive environment for franchisees, including a comprehensive franchise induction program and ongoing brand and marketing support.


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