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  • Has a proven business model in the educational industry, expected to reach $279 billion globally by 2027.
  • Has experienced record growth in student enrollments, offering a business model based on recurring revenue with predictable income streams.
  • Investment opportunities range from $113,000 to $149,000, inclusive of the $49,000 franchise fee, providing entrepreneurs a stable foundation for success.

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Unlocking Success: The Mathnasium Advantage

Discover the plus side of education with the Mathnasium franchise – a venture celebrated for its rewarding mission, steadfast demand, and affordability. CEO Mike Davis sheds light on the inception of this journey back in the 1990s when founders Peter Markovitz and David Ullendorff envisioned a world where a strong grasp of mathematics was pivotal for unleashing one's true potential. Witnessing the struggle within conventional educational systems, they birthed Mathnasium – a math-only learning haven committed to offering premier instruction.

Revolutionizing Math Education

Markovitz and Ullendorff enlisted the expertise of Larry Martinek, a teaching specialist and curriculum consultant, to reshape the landscape of math education. Frustrated with the traditional emphasis on memorization over understanding, Martinek crafted the Mathnasium program. This personalized approach, combining mental, tactile, verbal, visual, and written exercises, has empowered students of all levels. The result? A newfound confidence and a genuine love for math.

Community Commitment and Giving Back

Beyond academic success, Mathnasium franchisees actively contribute to their communities. Encouraged to participate in local initiatives such as food drives, charity contests, and event sponsorships, franchisees play a vital role in supporting nonprofits. From Operation Warm to Our Military Kids, their involvement extends to causes that truly matter.

Proven Business Model

Established in 2002 and franchising since 2003, Mathnasium boasts a well-established and highly recognized brand. With over 1,000 centers in North America and a presence in seven countries, it's trusted by more than 1 million parents. The franchise's proven business model aligns with the booming educational enrichment industry, projected to reach $279 billion globally by 2027.

Record Growth and Investment Opportunities

Mathnasium has witnessed a surge in student enrollments, addressing the increased demand for supplemental education. With an eye on the future, the franchise aims to remedy Covid learning losses and bridge achievement gaps. For entrepreneurs seeking a meaningful investment, Mathnasium offers a business model based on recurring revenue, providing a predictable and stable income stream. Start-up costs range from $113,000 to $149,000, inclusive of the $49,000 franchise fee.

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Mathnasium's success narrative continues to unfold, and the franchise invites existing and new investors to be part of its global reach. Partner with Mathnasium to make a difference, armed with a time-tested business model and curriculum that stands the test of time. Unlock the doors to success with a Mathnasium franchise – where every equation adds up to lifelong achievement.

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