Ben & Jerry’s is ready to take over NZ, one ice cream at a time!

An ice cream brand that started in the U.S. over 40 years ago has plans to become a kiwi staple by

the summer of 2019.


The iconic brand known in 38 countries has extended its presence across Australia and is now ready to

take on New Zealand. Kiwis love ice cream and Ben & Jerry’s love people who love ice cream, so it only

makes sense!


There is a gap in the premium ice cream market that Ben & Jerry’s intend to fill with their original

flavours and crazy concoctions. Not to mention, their social mission really aligns with the forward

thinking culture in New Zealand, which creates exciting opportunities to be an active part of local



Once kiwis hear about how Ben & Jerry’s make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way, it

will be even harder to resist. Ben & Jerry’s ingredients are 100% Fairtrade, they are a part of the

Caring Dairy movement and are completely GMO free. If you needed an excuse to eat ice cream, you

now have one!


Many Auckland City slickers have visited the recently opened Mission Bay store. The thriving success

of this location has laid the foundations for growth into the South Island, it is looking like the next Ben

& Jerry’s Scoop Store will be in Christchurch, closely followed by Queenstown.


“Christchurch is a beautiful, iconic city and we just could not ignore the enthusiasm that we saw when

the team stopped there during their Sampling Tour earlier this year.” Said Sean Farrell, Ben & Jerry’s

National Retail Operations Manager.


With plans to open another 20 Scoop Stores across Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2020,

the dream to own your own ice cream store has now become a reality! Ben & Jerry’s are

actively searching to find the right locations and line them up with like-minded franchisees who are

keen to come on this awesome journey with them.


To own your own Scoop Store, all you have to do is apply online today! 

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