A Storm is coming: Stormer Music launches franchise model

Stormer Music is an incredible place to learn music. It is a creative school, as well as a system with a rich ethos of integrity and passion towards a clear vision. They are ready to take their place as the market leaders in musical education and expand their successful franchise business across Australia.

Phil Stormer, Founder says, “We exist to provide great music lessons with wonderful teachers for students of all ages, stages, abilities and walks of life in just about every instrument you can think of. With families, children and adults all welcome, our weekly lessons are completely personalised and taught within our students goals, values and experience”.


Benefits of owning a Stormer Music franchise business

Caring, Fun, Family Environment

They will be working in a sincere, authentic environment, as well as watching the students grow, accomplish their dreams, and develop as creatives. Franchisees will be able to see musicians inspired, empowered, showcased, and celebrated. 

Stormer Music founder Phil says “we also launched Music Therapy, a research based, NDIS recognised practice which harnesses the power of music to help our clients achieve their goals & improve their health, function & wellbeing. With a focus on neuro-diversity, inclusion and accessibility, we work with specialist therapists for clients with ASD, ADHD, Emotional Regulation disorders and more. Which totally goes to the heart of one of our stated values - that Music Is For Everyone!”


Ongoing Support

Should franchisees take this step with Stormer Music, they will be fully supported and encouraged by a team that wants them to succeed. They will be surrounded by those who are not only there for them but who also completely understand what they are going through. 


A Beautiful Studio

Franchisees will receive a fully fitted out music school ready to go – everything they’ll need from the practical to the aesthetic. The environment will also be modern, vibrant, exciting, and rejuvenating.


Strong Centralised Systems

Franchisees will have access to a suite of business software to market and manage their database, schedule lessons and manage administrative tasks. This also includes a CRM system, scheduling, online phone number, booking system, payment system and video platforms. They will also receive a detailed set of online portals/intranets/manuals containing the information required to operate a Stormer Music school - including enrolment processes, sales processes and much more.


Key Partnerships

Stormer Music has key partnerships with music brands, supplying equipment and venues for concerts, including wholesale rates on all music gear to use in the studio or on-sell. The team has also secured key partnerships with businesses like insurance brokers, fit outs and software.


Rewarding Business

They will work with a brand that is rewarding, which offers music lessons, music therapy, unique student concerts, workshops with guest artists, recording days for audio and video, celebrity concerts, artist development programs, band and ensemble training programs and awards programs for the students.

 The program is made to be easy and flexible for the team to run but optimised for fun, inspiration, and great music education. Franchisees will get to work towards the bigger picture and secure their place in the incredible future of Australian musical education. 


Choose When You Work

The franchisee will be able to choose which shift to work (with the receptionist taking over the other), either from 9am-3pm or 3pm-9pm. Saturdays are from 9am-3pm. 


COVID-19 Resistant Business Model

Stormer Music has a pandemic resistant system as all their classes can be converted completely online. The model has also been stress tested, simplified, and polished for more than 10 years.

Phil’s mentions, “The moment we heard about it we went to work and after many sleepless nights, a complete overhaul of our timetable and brand new tech we managed to get our program completely online just in time for the lockdowns”.


Recurring Revenue Model

The Stormer Music system is based on subscription and engagement, keeping their client’s long term. Therefore, franchisees will ensure that quality customer service is a top priority. They are willing to go the extra mile by offering the best service possible, where results will be seen through happy customer testimonials and word of mouth referrals. They will have customer relationship building skills as student retention is the main source of income for the brand.


Multiple Income Streams

Stormer Music do not only offer music lessons, but they also offer in-school programs, concert programs, music therapy, retail, events and workshops, catering to a wide range of students and their needs.


Community Brand

Stormer Music can tailor classes based on student’s needs and interests, as well as the overall demands of the geographical area of the store. This includes the type of instruments being played. They are about being part of something bigger, being a local brand themselves. Franchisees will be joining a movement to see music participation and engagement rise in communities and see families flourish as a result. 

Their school is a haven for the families that crave excellence, safety, professionalism, and creativity.


Do you have what it takes to grow with Stormer Music? 

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Please also check out their franchise launch video here.