Nurse Next Door: Little Acts Of Kindness That Create Significant Impacts

It is enchanting to hear each new Nurse Next Door franchise partner’s story on why they joined, with their values aligning completely with Nurse Next Door’s core value of Making Lives Better. For many franchisee’s, a personal experience or event has given power for them to change directions in life and create something that will become a real difference in the lives of the more vulnerable community members.


A clear example of Nurse Next Door’s clear value of Making Lives Better being represented and actioned is by the newest Nurse Next Door’s franchise partners - Glenn Bartel and Vicki Caton.


In 2018, Glenn became a full-time caregiver to his terminally ill brother, Pete. Both he and Vicki got to experience first-hand the tremendous impact of the nurses and other health professionals that cared for Pete and the family. Glenn notes that it was one of the most rewarding experiences him and Vicki have ever been a part of - spending time with someone in their own homes, on their own terms, through the assistance of in-home care services, who may not have much time left.


They have now opened the doors to their own Nurse Next Door franchise earlier this month in Melbourne South East, which has allowed them to create and grow a business that would commemorate the lives of others, whilst contributing to their community. You can read more about their story on Glenn’s LinkedIn here:  "When Opportunity Knocks".


Nurse Next Door franchise partners recognise that the home care industry represents a substantial opportunity to build something significant, with Australia’s aged community growing by 75% to nearly 5 million over the next 2 decades. 


Nurse Next Door Home Care Services Franchise Partners have a real opportunity to build a business that is truly Making Lives Better with Australia’s fastest-growing home care provider offering world-class systems and award-winning culture.


Nurse Next Door would love to learn more about your own story and decision to enter the home care industry. If you are looking for an opportunity that is Making Lives Better, enquire now and learn more about why Nurse Next Door is the home care business with heart. Find out more - 


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