Diggermate: collaborative operations with like-minded businesses.

Mini excavation equipment-hire experts Diggermate, are expanding at a rapid pace across Australia. With a “no worries” approach to work, it’s hard not to love the service and lifestyle aligned with the Diggermate business model.

Whilst Diggermate has a vast variety of franchising opportunities available Australia-wide, there is a thriving opportunity for businesses to own and operate a Diggermate alongside their own services. Landscaping, plumping, construction companies: the possibilities are endless! Aligning appropriate businesses with the Diggermate model can offer clients a wider variety of services, increasing your own success by operating collaboratively.


Diggermate founder, Mick Watkins, saw an opportunity to increase operations, and has since granted a Diggermate within the Northern Gold Coast Landscape Supplies’ yard. By providing a service that becomes a one-stop shop for landscaping jobs, customers can efficiently shop and receive the required labour for their job in one go.


"I believe it is a perfect bolt-on business where you can turn some spare space into a decent annual cash flow without any additional resources." Mick Watkins, Diggermate Founder.


After the Diggermate team set up business operations on behalf of Northern Gold Coast Landscape, the additional services in the yard saw an influx in business sales, as well as an increase in new customers for the landscaping company who were familiar with the Diggermate brand.


Providing machines, branding and signage, as well as a business plan are all included in a Diggermate franchise, allowing the business to instantly begin operating. Additionally, the Diggermate team introduced their booking software, conducted on iPad’s and other devices to allow for seamless integration of the two businesses. Despite being a predominantly pen-and-paper office, the systems proved comfortable and easy to operate due to ongoing support from the Diggermate team.


Diggermate is a rapidly growing business, with numerous franchising opportunities available across the country. Owning your own Diggermate franchise begins at $47,500, with multiple territories currently available across Australia!


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