Australia is a landmark destination for incredible & unique food. Our hospitality industry is booming, with chefs offering everything from modern interpretations on classics to refined and delicious staples we expect to see on our menus. Whether you’re known for your award-winning pasta and Italian cuisine, or your exotic cocktails and authentic Asian-street food: Australian chefs do it well.

Whilst the Australian population continues to grow it’s interest in omnipresent wellness trends, the importance of balance and variety should not be ignored. Especially when there’s one burger restaurant in particular that reigns supreme in this circumstance, whilst encouraging leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle by serving food that satisfies you and makes you feel good about yourself: Huxtaburger.


When Huxtaburger swung open its doors in Collingwood back in 2011, it created a burger frenzy throughout Melbourne. Lead by a team of hospitality veterans, Huxtaburger offers a unique burger experience that can’t be matched. Dante Ruaine, Jeff Wong and Daniel Wilson created an extensive burger menu, with Australian influences throughout (avocado & beetroot in burgers… What could be more Australian!)- It’s no surprise that Huxtaburger’s popularity exploded with Melbournians. The burger industry is booming, with new stores constantly opening throughout Australia, as well as dominating delivery services like UberEats and Deliveroo. It’s no secret that niche burger stores are on the rise, winning over the stomachs of many. Fresh ingredients and American-style burger options are the key to successful operations within Australia, particularly with a demographic who want the freshest and the best, with as little processed ingredients as possible.


Whilst many of us ensure that we practice leading balanced and healthy lifestyles, Huxtaburger offers mouth-watering burgers that stay true to this mantra, making living a balanced lifestyle delicious. Using only the freshest ingredients and high quality produce, Huxtaburger are all about serving up fresh, juicy burgers, that make you feel good afterwards, not ‘guilty’.


Huxtaburger’s fresh, juicy burgers have created a cult-like following: it’s hard to resist the Huxtavibes! With 9 stores currently open across Australia, and expansion plans on the horizon, there’s no stopping the Huxtatribe!


Huxtaburger has a number of unique franchising opportunities available for a motivated and enthusiastic individual, who’s ready to join the Huxtatribe.


Available locations include Fremantle, Brisbane, and Melbourne

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