We love seeing brands that are fresh and modern, that know how to engage with their existing customers and also get new faces through the door. Hecho en Mexico are a great example of a brand who engage with their audiences on a higher level than most.

One of the most effective ways to grow a business is through customer retention, in the hospitality industry this is easily done through loyalty and events.

Hecho en Mexico run a series of events out of all of their locations to keep things zesty!

In the past they have had events such as:

Tequila Masterclasses

Day of the Dead

FREE Tacos

$10 Margarita Birthday Bash

Salsa Nights

These events have several benefits, one of them being marketing collateral: not only do you have something to yell about across social media and potentially paid-for advertising platforms, if you take photographs during the event you are set up with plenty of content for social and for promoting your next event - let people know what they missed out on and encourage them to attend the next!

On another note, events that involve discounted food or drinks will allow people to try the product for the first time. In an oversaturated market the hardest part is getting a customer through the door, once they are in and your amazing product wins them over - you have a customer for life.

When considering what franchise network to join it is crucial to look at their innovation and involvement. What are the franchisors doing to keep their brand in front of potential customers? What is head office doing to support your events as a franchisee? Will the franchisor allow for you to have create input for local marketing?

Hecho en Mexico is run by two hospitality veterans who are wise beyond their years and are creative, open-minded and know how to market a Mexican restaurant. Learn more about joining the Hecho familia today.


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