A Global Leader in the Kids’ Gym Franchise expands across Australia

The Little Gym with a big difference is on the move!

Unlike your conventional gym, with treadmills and heavy weights everywhere, The Little Gym has swapped these out and brought in ball pits, balance beams, and trampolines. Why? For their key customers – Kids!

This fitness centre operates to provide children with a place to be physically active and a “Springboard to Life’s Adventures” program by using movement-based learning, and imaginative play to help build the confidence and skills needed at each stage of their childhood. Children aged between 4 – 12 years old have been going to the centre since its creation in 1976 in Washington.

Now With over 300 locations across the globe, the Little Gym has become a widely loved and liked fitness centre for kids. Operating in over 30 countries the international brand has demonstrated that its business model is a winner with an audience that can’t get enough.

The world’s premier enrichment and physical development centre for children are operating in an industry expected to reach 13 billion in revenue.

This industry leader is showing the rest of the market how it’s done. All franchise partners receive comprehensive training that covers centre management, leasing agreements, human resources, operations, sales, and marketing. This is all communicated through a user-friendly website and enthusiastic trainers.  It’s not surprising they ranked the #1 Children’s Fitness Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2 years in a row.


With a positive company culture centred around people passionate about early childhood development, it wouldn’t take long until centres are opening right across Australia replicating the success of the Dural location.

Dural, a suburb of Sydney was the first site for The Little Gym in Australia, opening its doors in 2016. The community of Dural embraced the concept, with kids loving the classes and parents making the most of their free time.

Opportunities to own the next Little Gym will be provided to those people who are passionate about early childhood development, the community and improving people's lives. 

Large territories are up for grabs with locations starting from $250,000.

Enquire today, and transform your career with The Little Gym.