There’s no better feeling than helping others create dreams, particularly when those dreams involve creating a space to call their home.


In the hustle and bustle of moving, buying or renting property, it can become strenuous as you become accountable for possessions that you desire, and those you no longer need. Particularly when your plans aren’t entirely concrete, or you assume that you’ll be changing location again in the future.


In this circumstance, the idea of buying new household items can be daunting, and unnecessary.This also applies to those who perhaps weren’t expecting to have items damaged: it’s hard to bring us to terms with the fact that we may have to buy new items.


Yet, there is a solution! 1st Choice Rentals aid all of your moving and replacing woes by giving you the opportunity to rent household equipment we desire to help create our homes.


Simple matters that we may take for granted are the things that turn a vacant space into a home for someone. A notion that Ian and Annie Stewart live by, which led them to creating 1st Choice Rentals in 1995.


The pair are no strangers to the household equipment rental industry, and established a business with a different vision to its competitors: employing their own industry expertise and know-how, they created a business that would appeal to the very essence of the industry, that being convenience and ease.


Their ethos? Put customers first, which directly correlates to their success over the years: with 9 locations operating across Australia, and expansion on the horizon! The secret to their success is simple, an ethos that can be obscured: strive to make customers’ lives better in every form.


This successful business is on the hunt for a Associate who’s ready to expand the business by becoming the owner-operator of the fantastic Shepparton site. With a brand name that’s known and loved throughout the thriving community of Shepparton, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right individual to become a part of this wonderful family business.


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