Why own a Thermawood franchise?

The Thermawood® Business System has been developed following years of practical experience with the techniques of double-glazing & draft sealing on projects large and small throughout New Zealand.

This knowledge and experience has been adapted to Australian market conditions. Thermawood® have negotiated exclusive product agreements with leading industry suppliers – for instance, leading Australian glass suppliers.

The specialised tools and equipment, that are unique to Thermawood® and subject to patent protection, are subject to exclusive supply arrangements with Thermawood® LP. This specialised equipment is a vital component in the effectiveness of the Thermawood® System and available only to franchisees.


We spoke to Pietro Cotino, NSW franchise owner, here's 5 reasons why Thermawood® has survived a global pandemic:

1) "There's loads of work to do, I hit the ground running in July 2017 and have not had a single day where I wondered or worried about too little or no work".

2) "The product sells itself, it’s the best solution on the market for double glazing and improving existing and/or new timber windows and doors".

3) "Sydney has an abundance of old properties; these generally have timber windows and Thermawood is well placed to service this largely untapped market".

4) "Thermawood as a business and brand has a strong reputation in our industry such as; great workmanship and excellent client service and satisfaction".

5) "The franchise network offers training and support which allows a new franchisee to start earning money from their very first job, even though it is actually part of their training".

Be part of this growing franchise network in NSW.

This is a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to run an established business backed by Thermawood's leading franchise systems and technology.

This is your chance to continue the Thermawood® legacy in NSW, Australia.

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