It's getting infrared hot this summer.

Hot Temple Fitness is achieving record numbers regarding memberships, site expansions, and winning competitions.

The family-run business Hot Temple has always been an innovative fitness centre. Offering people in Ballarat a unique way to get fit and exercise in an infrared heated studio.

The concept's popularity is shown by the owner's goal of reaching 350 members by the end of 2022. This number was smashed, with the brand hitting 400 by mid-October 2022. This doesn't even consider the mass of people making the 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Melbourne to Ballarat to participate in the odd class or two. A dedicated commitment to the occasional class with the Hot Temple addictive setting.

This increase in memberships could be due to the culture and community that comes with Hot Temple. Competing in common, MyZone challenges as a club, and all the gym members have come together to win several prestigious awards.

In September, they were crowned Victorian MyZone Challenges and have now been awarded the Title of #1 in Australia, taking out the National Championships. Beating out other clubs by a convincing margin. 

Increased memberships and winning trophies/titles meant Hot Temple had to expand to open another location in Ballarat. A site is being acquired and converted into offering one spin cycle studio and one yoga room, with demand in Ballarat remaining high and growing, evident in the increasing membership numbers. It’s not surprising that an expansion into Melbourne could soon be on the cards.

Knowing this team of passionate and enthusiastic owners, there isn’t be too much of a break for the Hot Temple team. 2023 is shaping to be a big year for the brand, with more people expected to join the brand and more locations opening up.


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