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New franchisees increase quarterly membership growth by 323%

The Advance Fitness franchise concept launched late last year with the very first franchisees - Tania and Scott - transforming their own existing business to operate under the Advance Fitness franchise system and processes.

6 months later, the inaugural Advance Fitness franchisees are sharing their success and gratitude to founders, Tash and Clayton, who they attribute their outstanding achievements to. Scott believes that the teams honesty, work ethic and dedication are second to none and these characteristics acted as a major factor in their decision to transform their own gym. He also believes that their exceptional marketing and sales strategies helped to triple their membership sales figures.

He shares his testimonial below and encourages anyone interested to make a franchise enquiry:

“Tania and I have owned our own independent gym for the past 5 years. We had business dealings with Tash and Clayton during this time and built an ongoing professional relationship.

Throughout 2017/ 2018 we were looking at expanding our business. We searched extensively through agents, independent research, the internet and many discussions with other independent owners and international franchises. None that made us feel that it was the right fit for ‘us’.

I called Tash about an unrelated matter, which started a conversation about an Advance Fitness franchise. The seed had been planted and was starting to grow. Having built a previous relationship through past ventures, Tania and I knew that they were fair and honourable and had our trust.

Being Australian owned was crucial in our decision to become a franchisee. The ability to call Clayton or Tash (Franchise Owner) whenever to discuss concerns or run things past - them gave us peace of mind. Knowing that we were not just another “business deal” and that our success would be viewed as their success. We also really wanted our gym to feel a part of the local community, who supports us.

When we made the move to Advance Fitness, our quarterly membership growth had increased 323% (this is not an error no decimal point forgotten) from the previous year.

This is attributed to having access to their marketing campaigns. As well as the sales training and operations, which is paramount for any business. Having a team that covers all of these is fundamental. In a digital age, we all know the evolving presence and marketing required to be relevant on social media platforms, they have that covered too.

They have developed their own in-house software for you and staff to use for greater sales results. This alone is near impossible to do as a small business owner with limited resources. With over 20 years’ experience in the Australian fitness industry their knowledge of does and don'ts is incredible.

The training we received and the ongoing support that continues is fantastic. Knowing you have the support of the Advance Fitness Team, where nothing is a problem, your voice is always heard.”

Scott - Advance Fitness Franchisee (

The beginning

Starting out on the back of a successful marketing business assisting the fitness industry, Advance Fitness turned their passion and brand into a 24/7 ‘full-facility’ fitness concept. Their  aim was to create “gyms with the lot”. Exciting full-facility gyms, comprising of world-class strength & cardio training equipment, plus a huge range of exciting group fitness classes. They also offer premium training services including Boot Camp and Personal Training. The goal is to offer a full range of fitness services under one roof – with options to suit all budgets and fitness levels. A place where the whole family can work on their fitness goals. With more to choose from, members can try new things and keep their training fresh. By maintaining the ‘fun’, members keep training, keep getting results and keep visiting.

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