Increase in IP Australia's Official Fees

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From 1 October 2020, IP Australia’s official fees will change as follows:

  • an increase in application fees
  • a decrease in renewal fees where registration has been delayed for 10 or more years after the filing date.

The main trade mark fee changes are summarised below:



Current Fee (AU$)

Fee from 1 October 2020 (AU$)

Fee change (AU$)

Madrid application – per class




Standard TM application – per class (no pick list)




Series TM application – per class (no pick list)




Renewal of registration (registration delayed for 10 or more years after filing date)




Late renewal of registration (registration delayed for 10 or more years after filing date)




* there is an AU$50 surcharge if requests are not filed using the preferred means (IP Australia online services)





The key design official fee changes are:

  • an increase in the renewal fee from $320 to $400
  • a new fee of $200 for having more than one separate design within the same category in a design application.

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